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Half cooking, half love. Those are the ingredients to a delicious recipe.


How can Keukenliefde be elevated to a more professional and user friendly website which seemlessly incorporates advertising, while maintaining integrity and the personal feeling the website is known for?


A user centered design with seemless advertising integration. The new design put a focus on professionality, displaying delicious recipes in an attractive way, and mixing this with personalised content blocks and fitting ads.


For small projects, it's still important to get a clear vision of the business goals as well as the user goals. From the first contact with Keplar, the following business goals were made clear:

  1. Advertising is the main generator of income
  2. A new visual identity is required to convey the right feeling

Essential ingredients

By brainstorming about cooking experiences we discovered two key insights. Both drooling over delicious recipes as well as getting instructions on how to make them are main reasons to visit Keukenliefde. The second insight is that these situations the interaction with the device changes.

A two-course meal

To cook up an amazing experience, we decided to split the website into two courses: inspiration and cooking.

  1. The first course, inspiration, highlights the many delicious recipes Keukenliefde has to offer. In multiple ways, where advertising is one of them, you are provided with other recipes that might interest you.
  2. The second course helps you during cooking. By focusing on the steps you need to take while cooking and removing any distractions to make sure your perfect steak won't get burned.



To combine two opposite directions, a cohesive visual application has been created. A minimalistic but playful style that characterizes Annemiek. The color palette has been inspired by food, giving the website a finger-licking experience.

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