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The yearbook is mainly used as shelve decoration. We don't really read it.


How can the graduation yearbook help to meet the school's business goals and become recognized as an exports magazine, promoting school and students alike?


A magazine style yearbook where students and agencies give expert reviews on their graduation projects. The yearbook is accompanied by a website acting as a database of all graduates.

Starting off blank

When proposed with the project, there was no clear goal from the University besides renewing it. Without a problem definition, we decided to first discover the public opinion about the magazine at students and companies who received previous editions of the yearbook.


Goal definition

Interviewing students and companies informed us that the yearbook is mostly used as shelve decoration. After mapping the user goals, we held a few sessions with the university to determine the business goals. Here it became clear this yearly project is mostly used as promotional material.

Tagging trends

Diving back into the yearbook showed trends are unused beside tagging projects. We used this as the central pillar for the new iteration of the yearbook. Giving the yearbook a more informative twist by highlighting trends found in student work, will add additional value for companies.


The magazine format was an obvious choice for the new positioning of the yearbook. The trends found in student works are sections. Leading companies introduce the subject, where further details are explained by students and their work.


Upload tool

To accommodate the information gathering for the university, a small tool has been created to gather the required information among students.