Zeilstra VGM

Keplar Agency
Interaction Designer
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Zeilstra is the figurehead of innovation in the property management industry.


Redesign the visual identity of the over 100 year old company and dust off the knowledge hidden within.


A modern looking website with dedicated sections for each type of user.

Laying the foundation

With a brand new identity, much of the required research was already done for us. This left us with setting up a good Information Architecture to handle all the expertise gathered over 100 years.


Three under one roof

Zeilstra caters to three closely related, but independent sectors. Each of these sectors has different users and with that user goals. From a business perspective, the three companies are independent, results in a need for three different websites to accommodate the business setup and their clientele.


The new website has become a literal three under one roof. Using the same structure over all of the three websites, an overlapping identity is reated. An individual touch of color offsets the different sections, making each it's own.

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